Freelance Photographer

born 1968 in Munich, grew up and visited schools in different cities in Germany, USA and France

graduated from the Burda Journalistenschule in Munich; worked for different magazines as a picture editor; worked as a costume designer for film and theatre; 

studied film in NY at the NYU; worked in documentary film

 Publications in photo magazines




Workshops  with

Anders Petersen                    2015

 Michael Ackermann                2015

Heinrich Voelkl  Masterclass    2017


Honorable Mentions

"Pippi Longstocking"                  Mifa 2016

"Peoples Scents"                          Ipa 2016

"The Power of Now"     Lens Culture  2019

"The Power of Now"                      Ipa 2020

"Within 24 hours"                          Mifa 2020

Bronze Prize

           "Within 24 hours"        PX3 Paris Photo  2020 

Shown at

                            "Within 24 hous"               Photo München